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Automatic Orange Cleaning, Grading and Waxing Machine
A whole set of series processors linked up to clean, grade, and wax at one time. Processing efficiently, and grading accurately. It¡¦s a hot series in export market.
Suitable for various kinds of oranges, grapefruits, and lemons. Fruits are clean and neat looking after cleaning and waxing. Water evaporation from fruit can also be slowed down. It enhances fruit value, satisfying needs of today¡¦s market.
With special design nylon brushes. Flexible and wear-resisting.
Matched up with pro fruit wax makes your fruit a shining outlook.
Patent design roller, it¡¦s easy to be exchanged. And users can alter grading specifications easily according to market need.
Efficiently and practical. It is a must buy tool for farmers, association of agriculture, and fruit traders.