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Fong-Chow Enterprise Co., Ltd was founded in October 1964. With unceasingly innovation in agricultural auto machinery product design, and devotion to agricultural industry, Fong Chow has built his reputation in creative product and warm-hearted service. With more than 40-year experience, Fong Chow becomes leader in auto agricultural machinery filed, especially well known as the fruit-processing-domain expert. Fong Chow expands his business from local market in south part of Taiwan to Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and other part of the world. In March 2000, Fong Chow established subsidiary company in Yantai province, Mainland China.

The main products are for agricultural product (fruit/vegetable/ egg) processing, including washing, waxing, classifying, packing, unpacking, and orange squeezing. The washing machine can also be used in golf ball washing, and the classifying machine can be used in steak classifying, too.

The other products include automatic straw rope maker, pneumatic box-sealing machine, corn/cereal husking machine, flower chopping carrier, and fruit wax.

For different fruit or special product demand, Fong Chow can also offer you customization service. Helping you to plan, set up the product line and make the institutions best suit your need.