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Rice is the main crops in Asian Villages. However, it is a hard task to deal with the huge amount of straws after harvest.

Nowadays, straws are used as fertilizers, or a source of a nursery garden for marsh rooms or other plants. Some are even burned up, causing the environmental problems. Farmers with far sightseeing have started to produce the straw ropes, putting straws into valuable productions, and accelerating prosperity of villages.

Straw ropes are said as a most modern consumptive ropes nowadays. They are widely used and causing no pollution to the environment. We can see them be used as strong ropes to tie up various productions, such as agricultural productions (sugar canes, for example), aquatic products, industrial products, bathroom facilities, ceramics, marbles, or products in mining and constructive industries. It is also used as protective materials to plants during freezing cold winter.

Farmers involving into the straw rope manufacturing not only can wisely use the manpower during the leisure time, can also offer straw ropes to overseas market.
After decades of studying, Fong Chow bring out the automatic straw rope making series, which are easy to use, durable and with high efficiency. The quality of these processed straw ropes is soft and even. And it is very popular in domestic and overseas markets.